Image and Branding Guru
Is Coming To LONDON

The Sam Christensen Image Design Process
presented in London for the first time
Fall 2014 – watch for exact dates soon

Only 16 places available

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– at last! After 25 successful years in Los Angeles and throughout the U.S. and Canada –

New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Toronto and Vancouver,

Sam Christensen

is bringing his renowned Image Design Process to London
This unique June workshop has limited seating.

SAM famous teach shot

Sam Christensen, a former Casting Director and Personal Manager, designed his lauded four-day, Intensive workshop for actors and other artists in the entertainment industry. The Process was created to assist professionals in comfortably and honestly presenting and working from their own authenticity, finally, providing an effective answer to the age-old request: “please, just be yourself”

Because there is no other educational offering like The Image Design Process, Sam Christensen gives interested actors and artists an opportunity to hear about The Process, its development and its applications to career success in FREE Preview sessions.”

The Sam Christensen Image Design Process
presented in London for the first time
Fall 2014 – watch for exact dates soon

Only 16 places available



A Story About Katherine Hepburn:

The Callback:

Are you A Good Actor?
Yes, and, so what?


Everyone knows it takes talent, training and tenacity to be a working actor. Excellent craftsmanship is expected

But, each regularly auditioning actor senses that it takes something more –

The ability to be 100% authentically yourself in interviews, auditions, rehearsals
……and marketing opportunities like headshots, web-sites and workshops.

The Sam Christensen Process is a self-contained authenticity system —-
expertly designed to address the challenges every human being faces in consistently and comfortably offering his or her true self in every situation …..all of the time. There is no other such program available!

and it works – because its graduates are working.

The actor who joins the class will:

* Define A Marketable “Image”

* Gain Confidence In Their Own Identity And Its Value In The

* Learn To Bring A “Signature” To Auditions And Performance

* Develop A Personalized Marketing System

* Gain Insight Into The Entertainment Industry As A
Business & An Art-Form




Article and Video with Sam in L.A.’s Backstage on “Finding Your Type”:

Recent Testimonials

First, Congratulations to our students continuing in current series – Fall Season, regulars: Minka Kelly, “Almost Human” and Matt Jones, “Mom” and to our several students who were nominees in the recent Award season

I was cast in a great role on ‘Homeland’ You made me promise, Sam, to never forget to tell you when I got a role again. Also, I’m working on ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ and ‘When The Game Stands Tall’ in NOLA right now. Scene with William Hurt tomorrow and Jim Caviezel on Weds. Since I’ve worked with you I’ve been cast in 12 film and TV roles! Totally a by-product of your wisdom!!

Terry Dale Parks – Justified, Homeland, When The Game Stands Tall

“Sam, thank you so much. Without people like you crossing my path, helping to push me towards being my best, none of all that’s happened would be possible. I have my “vocabularies” on my phone and I use all the self-defining information every time I have to build a new character (including Ruby in “Middle of Nowhere”). So, now, your process is forever part of my process”

Emayatzy Corinealdi – 2013 Spirit Nominee, Middle of Nowhere

“I have been working non-stop since I took your class. Now a year later, I have my own production company”

Danica McKellar – How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory

“Sam’s class is invaluable. There’s no way I would be working without him. He knows what it takes to be successful in this wonderful, crazy business”

Nadine Velazquez – Flight, The League, My Name is Earl

“Sam is someone that I have searched for my whole life. To see myself through his work was the closest I come to experiencing myself completely. Sam, I think your heart and care for actors is what Hollywood needs most”

Brooke Langton – Life, Melrose Place



Fall 2014 – watch for exact dates soon


Email Sam Christensen Studios at: studio@samchristensen.com.