The Sam Christensen Program of classes and workshops provides a tested, research-based system that adapts as careers grow and change by defining an image, an individual ‘Personal Brand.’**

*A Brand – a simple, powerful statement – the method by which any product or service is advanced with a simple statement authenticating its Unique Selling Proposition

The dominance of instant communication in our economy, characterized by innovations like Facebook and Twitter, has redefined the need for a personal brand. The Sam Christensen Process delivers a personal branding code for each participant. Think of it this way: Coca Cola is not just a carbonated drink, Coke is THE carbonated drink, THE cola, *“COKE IS THE ONE.*” Today, individuals need clarity of brand statement just as much as industrial successes like Coca Cola.

Everyone from entrepreneurs to artists and executives, from managers to salespeople, doctors, lawyers, retailers and educators realize they must communicate a signature for themselves – a personal brand. The Sam Christensen Process and an array of support products provide a tested and patented method for creating a personal branding statement while addressing inherent challenges in defining and sustaining it.