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Our corporate workshops are individually designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Described below is an overview of the workshop process.
Every workshop consists of group lectures and exercises in addition to one-on-one consultations. Typically, there are about 12 hours of group work and 3 hours of individual consulting.

Custom Corporate Training

Our corporate workshops are customized to meet the specific needs, as well as the location and schedule requirements, of our corporate and small business clients. Every workshop consists of group lectures and exercises in addition to one-on-one consultation. Presentation can be adjusted to fit established teams or selected employees grouped for the workshop.

Typically, there are 12 hours of group work and 3 hours of individual consulting, but the format is flexible allowing adaptability to the particular needs of a unique business and individual workplace environments. The process is interactive and suitable for everyone at all stages in their professional progress.

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Personal Brand Workshop for the Corporate Culture

Workshops begin with an overview of the use of identity, i.e. ’personal branding’ in the business environment and, specifically, within the corporate culture of the sponsoring organization. Led by the facilitators, simple, non-invasive exercises elicit a variety of descriptive responses for each participant, illuminating behavioral patterns as experienced by others.

Personal consultations give participants individual time with the facilitator(s) to further delineate their impact on others and to integrate that information with their own perceived identity. Using all of the information gathered in sessions and consultations, participants work with the facilitator(s) to create self-descriptive vocabularies which accurately express their unique characteristics.

With research-based input about what other people see in them and what is compelling, and perhaps, challenging about themselves, personalized, self-descriptive vocabularies result. The ability to accurately self-characterize, even pre-announce individual aspects gives the professional a much more dynamic use of their individual talents and characteristics.

Often corporate environments thrive best when the individual players are most distinctly themselves and at ease. However, often these environments also have unintentional, yet built-in discouragements to individual uniqueness. The hundreds of professionals who have experienced The Sam Christensen Process thus far report a new exhilaration about team participation and individual contribution.

More importantly, our corporate participants point out that their professional progress is highly enhanced and they have acquired an ability to be comfortable and authentic in even the most pressure-ful professional settings – often for the first time in their working lives. Maximizing their team members in this way is, of course, also rewarding to the managers and owners who send us their people.

In the final phase of each corporate program the specific goals of the sponsor organization are highlighted. The concluding session incorporates both application of the identity definition gains and their immediate use in the business environment while providing each participant with individual implementation guidance to enhance their personal lives as well. We do our best to make an employee’s time a business asset and a personal bonus.

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Mythic Roles in Business

Mythic Roles in Business Teams is Sam Christensen’s exclusive adaptation for the corporate environment of the ground-breaking work of Drs. Joseph Campbell and Karl Jung. This original application is designed to give a personal experience of ‘mythic’ assignment as it plays out and influences daily life in the workplace.

The program ensures an understanding of the natural phenomenon of ‘mythic’ role-playing in work settings. The workshop experience is designed to retool the theoretical understanding of ‘mythic assignment,’ allowing practical use in daily business. Many business leaders understand their environments as a kind of story and this Sam Christensen offering allows them to engage their workforce in the full dynamics of individuals involved in the same tale of success.

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