Christian Hoff

"I am always so proud of what you do for us, actors and artists in transition. Returning after three years was like coming home -- a hands on, supportive, no nonsense, sacred home, where the artist in everyone is nurtured and encouraged. With you I realized that part of me, the artist, is ever-present and ever ready… my thanks, Sam."

- Christian Hoff, Tony Award winning actor

"The best advice I can give any actor is to take Sam's class. It has continued to be an invaluable resource in my life and career. Without the knowledge and focus I gained from his process, I'd be years behind where I am today. It's the reason I'm a working actor. It's not just a good idea to take this class. It's a necessity."

-Jeff Davis, Actor/Comedian
Jane Anderson

"As a writer and director, I found this workshop invaluable in opening my eyes to the crazy gestalt of personality and image. I've tucked some useful tools into my belt which will help me in everything from pitching to casting to coaxing a great performance out of a reluctant star. Thanks Sam, I'm off to the studio now."

- Jane Anderson, Emmy Award winning Writer/Director


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