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Celebrity Connection

“As a writer/producer for television, I was confronted with an entirely separate set of problems. I had to come to terms with the fact that I was, indeed, a strong, opinionated person who did not suffer fools gladly, in spite of every attempt I made to appear otherwise. Because of what I learned from you, I can now laugh about it, relaxing those around me. As a result, I am now viewed as being less threatening, more trustworthy, and ultimately more effective. The course was extremely empowering. My own level of self-acceptance has increased tenfold, and I am no longer wasting creative time and energy trying to be what I think others want me to be. Ironically, what sounded at first like a narcissistic ‘image trip’ turned out to be the means to becoming more authentic as an individual and a team member.”

– Lyn Greene, Producer/Co-Creator of television’s hit series, “Nip/Tuck”

“If you’re looking to get your acting career going in a major way, you simply have to take Sam’s class. When I was just starting out, and absolutely broke, an actress told me, ‘Find the money, take the class, don’t ask me any questions. You’ll thank me for it.’ I give that same advice to anyone who will listen. I had no tape, no resume, no connections, no nothing. Sam gave me something much more valuable: the confidence that I would succeed, and the skills and knowledge to make it happen. Plain and simple. When you’re accepting your Oscar, Emmy or Tony, Sam Christensen will be at the top of your list of people to thank.”

– Jeff B. Davis, Actor and Star of television’s “Happy Family”

“As a writer and director, I found this workshop invaluable in opening my eyes to the crazy gestault of personality and image. I’ve tucked some useful tools into my belt which will help me in everything from pitching to casting to coaxing a great performance out of a reluctant star. Thanks Sam, I’m off to the studio now.”

– Jane Anderson, Emmy-award winning Writer/Director

“Armed with the knowledge that my image could be my strength, I was able to approach the strong-willed, independent individuals among the crew of the feature film DINOSAUR and instantly build relationships, trust and a cohesive team.”

– Tony Matthews, Asst. Production Manager of Visual Effects, Walt Disney Feature Animation