Sam Christensen Keynotes and Appearances

Sam Christensen is available to speak to convention and meeting groups and lead panels with your company or organization. These events are customized to individual business goals and emphasize individual identity development, successful role assignment and maximized team interaction, always underlining the value of each individual’s identity and its recognition.

Presentations range from half-hour keynotes to ninety minute presentations. While always speaking on the value of maximizing unique identity, Sam tailors presentations to the needs of any organization, encouraging signature contribution and creating the most inspiring possible event. So, write to us, telephone or e-mail with your organization’s needs so a special presentation can designed for your event.

For example, here’s a sample of the introduction of a keynote Sam has customized for several companies nationwide:

Charisma Is ‘Authenticity In Action’

Sam Christensen Keynote sample

We’ve all had a job interview, sales meeting or first date that we’ve left thinking, "That wasn’t the real me in there. If only I could have been more myself. It’s easy to be your whole and authentic self. I’m Sam Christensen, I’m an image expert and personal success innovator and my ‘Personal Branding Technology’ will show you how to make the comfort of personal authenticity a winning professional system.

I spent more than thirty years in show business and my association with actors and stars has taught me one thing: you’re all you’ve got. Performers have no flow charts, no sample cases, no equipment and no ‘all-new-and-improved’ products to sell. They are selling themselves. They are the ultimate entrepreneurial sole proprietors. What actors showed me about identity and its power to produce profits was an accident that turned out to be a practical success strategy that I can share with any audience.

ALL successful professionals have learned this truth – ultimately – we have only ourselves to sell. Many business decisions are made based on ‘personality.’ You’ve certainly had the experience of hiring or firing, buying from or investing in someone because you ‘just had a feeling’ about the person. Well, by the same token, others are having feelings about you. What are those feelings and how can these impressions become charismatic success tools?

But never by changing to ‘the way you ought to be.’ Everyone who has tried to model themselves after some ideal has discovered that technique is merely a starting block. Sooner or later, each of us has to adapt the ideal to suit our talents and, yes, even idiosyncrasies. That ‘feeling’ we get and, more importantly, the ‘feeling’ we give is the simplest increment of individuality and it’s the place charisma is born.

After all, what is that ‘feeling?’ It’s personality – impression you make. Your self- concept and the way others read you. The unique impact you alone can have. Finding out what others are feeling about you is critical in developing a personal style that guarantees your own brand of success. But examination of the impressions we create must be a carefully managed endeavor. Left unmanaged, self-examination easily becomes self-consciousness and that’s not the result anyone wants.

Charisma is not a quality limited to the most outgoing or the most attractive – charisma is ‘authenticity in action.’ I’ll show you how to use your identity and its unique impact on others to guarantee personal authenticity and putting your own charisma in your control…….

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