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Graduate Classes

Over two decades Sam Christensen has developed a series of class offerings designed to enhance implementation of The Sam Christensen Process, to sophisticate its applications and to adapt usage of the ‘technology’ to individual and unique career applications.

The Myth Workshop

The Myth Workshop creates a personal experience of the ‘mythic assignment’ as it plays out and influences daily life. The one day workshop ensures understanding of a natural behavioral emphasis as it progresses through life experiences, past and present. The program is designed to replace an intellectual understanding of mythic assignment with one that is experiential.

Application of ‘mythic assignment’ in creativity, business, story-telling and group interaction is made practical by this one day program. The workshop is presented in an atmosphere unlike a classic classroom, making it easy to absorb as well as profound for the participants. The experience develops an ongoing awareness of the impact of this natural phenomenon in human existence.

“Sam served up my core myth as if it was fine dining for my soul.”

-Deborah Carroll, actress

The Next Myth Workshop

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The Archetyper enhances recognition of how renowned acting artists and professionals, current and past, have used similar behavioral essences and mythic designations to manifest successful careers and audience identification. Using internet resources for viewing and research, the student witnesses similarities to successful artists and professionals.

Introduction to the work of artists and professionals in whose footsteps one follows assists formatting a pattern of use of personal identity to build success. The goal is to assemble a ’ creative mentorship’ relationship with artists whose work is respected, creating a sort of ‘artistic family.’ This identification with recognized professionals offers guidance, achievement examples and a sense of belonging.

Career driving energy is thus augmented by connections that support ambition. Adding these ‘mentors on film’ and viewing their accomplishments offers direction, fuels progress and augments determination. It’s high-tech, prototype-driven and offers surprising ‘Aha’ moments for aspiring artists and business professionals. Plus, the ongoing homework is watching movies – and you can’t beat that!

Previously, this work was only offered privately. However, after witnessing its contribution to individuals, Sam developed the workshop version to provide a quicker, more comprehensive (and less expensive) way to solidify the profitable use of essence, mythic assignment and physical type, by observing the established market for an artist’s individual talents and characteristics.

The Next Archetyper Workshop

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Signature Performance

Signature Performance is a monologue based class stressing the incorporation of natural behavior as well as essence vocabulary into any piece of performance material. Use is made of the marketing vocabulary generated and mythic assignment from The Sam Christensen Process to create unique, signature characterizations in audition and performance. Characters become ‘un-acted,’ spontaneous and enriched by individual life experience.

This class is by invitation and aimed at the actor or stand-up artist who is looking to personalize performance and to bring their acting into a seamless balance of craft and personal identity. The format of the class is suited to the trained film and TV actor looking to meet the demands that the scrutiny of the camera close-up brings. It is also ideal for the beginning professional who is looking for an organic way to be completely themselves in auditions, meetings and performance.

The words of Laurence, Lord Olivier that guided the development of this class can best summarize its basic drive:

“Arresting performance by an actor is not a matter of style or rehearsal, but of self-knowledge and an inescapable desire for complete personal exposure. That compulsion for public emotional nakedness drives the actor to ask not ”who must I become to create the character,“ but to ask ”who does the character become because I play it?”

-Laurence, Lord Olivier

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ProClass is by instructor invitation only and is offered to actors previously trained in Signature Performance.

In this extended bi-monthly class, content varies from meeting to meeting. Some sessions feature script work while others deal with representational communication, press and media demands, on-set behavior, camera work, career maintenance issues, professional leadership situations and meeting the unexpected challenges that accompany success and the life of a public figure.

Assignments for each session come from Sam Christensen in close proximity to class meetings. In this way preparation time is limited, simulating the pressure of real-life audition and performance demands. Thus, the performer is required to rely on immediate reaction and performance confidence, forestalling the tendency toward rehearsed recitation.

Class members are also asked to set a career plan and report progress at each class session. In this way professionals are held to their plan while benefitting from the synergy of the forward progress of the group. The overall intent of ProClass is to duplicate the pressures of success and forge a professional demeanor that meets all challenges head-on and always gets profitable results.

ProClass Times

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Private Consultation and Coaching

Although the need for private consultation is minimized by the completion of The Sam Christensen Process and ancillary training, Sam does provide private consultation. Depending on student request, the content of these sessions runs from audition coaching to career marketing concerns and professional planning.

Over two decades Sam has advised on subjects as varied as series development, award acceptances, congressional campaign planning, photo sessions, writer/director collaborations, film and television casting, album content and design, publicity and representation campaigns, media interview preparation and public relations ‘disaster management.’

Consultation services are designed for graduates and members of their marketing teams, but are also offered to other public figures seeking enhanced coordination of their public identities and professional goals, and where enhanced personal authenticity is desired. These consultations are provided on an hourly basis and by appointment.

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